Saturday, March 1, 2008

Background of Ninja MoD

A lot of people may be wondering what exactly this game will involve. So this post will hopefully clear up what we're going for with this Mod. Ninja (title to be chosen) will be a historically correct Ninja simulation/stealth game. There will be NO flying grappling hooks or invisibility techniques. The game will come down to pure skill such as misdirection, stealth and technique.

A lot of historical ninja tools will be available such as: Tanto, Testu-bishi, Ninja-to, Bo, Fukiya and Metsubishi. Just to name a few. For those who have no idea of the few tools I just named. It means you will be able to use everything from Blinding powders, Ninja swords and knives to blowpipes and grappling hooks. All in all the game will be very well rounded when it comes to the tools and weapons available. Though the tools themselves will be historically correct and wont have any "special" abilities and so on.

The game is obviously based around the feudal Japan era, and while trying to keep historically correct the game itself will have a fictional story.

At the moment the Single player demo is underway, which will let players go through the training stage. Later we plan to release Single Player Story, Co-Op Story and Multiplayer Vs Modes.