Saturday, April 5, 2008

Animation Underway!

As you can see the rigging has been completed and animations are now underway. There's a HUGE library of animations to get done. So I'll most likely take on some help for that at some stage. As you can see I have used the Character Studio biped for the Ninja, as it's what I'm most comfortable with and is used throughout multiple titles. The basic animations will be the starting point mainly working on movement rather then attacks. Such as:

* Idle - Standing/Crouched
* Walk - All directions
* Run - All directions
* Rolls
* Jumping and Climbing etc

I feel like we're making a lot of progress in both the character and mapping departments. While the animations will take some time I'll be sure to post animations for you to watch as well as updates about how we're doing. There is a lot for us to show.