Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Positions open..

Ninja: Is moving along great, but as well as its going we do have positions we'd love to have talented individuals fill. This well not only speed up the pace of development but also help us keep up the quality we wish to be reaching. While our team is small, we're a fun bunch of people looking for some kindred spirits to fill the gaps in our team. The team is fairly laid back but we still work hard! If your wanting to be part of this team and great experience and also feel like you have something to contribute to one of the position below please contact us on our Gmail address. Thank you!

All applications must include examples of work!

* Programmers
- Have a good knowledge of UnrealScript.
- Experience in game development coding.
- Creative mind (can figuring out how to make our ideas work in the Unreal Engine).

* Sound Engineers
- Make and compose soundtracks.
- Edit and create ambient and in game Sound FX.
- Edit voice clips and recordings.

* 2D Conceptual Artist
- Has a creative 2D flare.
- Great Photoshop painting skills.
- Architecturally minded.
- Strong character design skills.
- Understanding of History Japanese design.

* Modeler
- Great Character or Environment modeling skills.
- Unwrapping and texturing skill.
- Zbrush, Mudbox Normal mapping skills.

Thank you for any interest in these positions. Not all skills are required but definitely help.
Again.. All applications must include examples of work!